About Us

Mission Statement

Building Bridges – Hand in Hand is a faith based organization with a mission is to provide ample support for children of all ages and various backgrounds through exemplifying empathy, compassion, and understanding. Building Bridges-Hand in Hand enables children to freely express themselves through hands on activities and events without fear of judgment. Building Bridges-Hand in Hand is built upon the idea that everyone should strive to love like Jesus and love everyone, regardless of differences.

Members of the Board

Levi Wilson – Chairman of the Board

Levi found his a passion for nonprofits and volunteering when chairing a benefit motorcycle event for young kids with terminal diseases. Seeing the looks on the children’s faces with the opportunities they were awarded due to the success of the event cut deep into what Levi knew his calling was – to help kids in need. Levi uses the skills that he acquired from earning his Business Administration degree to assist in furthering the cause of Building Bridges Hand in Hand to provide support for children of all ages and backgrounds to find success through self-expression. Levi says that the reason why he is passionate about BBHIH is “Your past should not define your future. Instilling in children of various backgrounds that they can truly become what they desire with hard work and determination is the only way to break the cycle and BBHIH provides resources for that success.”

Anita Villalobos – Founder

Anita Villalobos founded BBHIH in 2009. In 2015, after countless hours of work, she was able to turn BBHIH into a 501(3C) non-profit organization. In 2017, over 2,800 individuals have received a “hand-up” from the BBHIH family. Anita believes in a “hand-up” instead of a “hand-out” approach. Encouraging anyone that may be in a tough spot, to have faith, think/stay positive, have an open mind, and strive for change. “Love God, Love one another”

Melanie Clark – Treasurer

Melanie and her family have volunteered with BBHIH since 2013. Before that, they spent many years working in youth ministry as well as other community projects that advocate for and empower the most vulnerable in our community. Giving hope to those who have lost hope so they can dream big things and accomplish big things is her priority.

Josh Dilsaver – Technology Specialist

 Josh Dilsaver has been a part of the BBHIH family since 2011. He is a member of the board as well as the Technology Specialist. Without Josh, the website as well as being able to have a newsletter would not be possible. “BBHIH is a group of amazing people that come together to do awesome things that could not be accomplished by a single individual. I am excited the organization has grown so fast and look forward to see what we can do in the future”.

Amanda Dilsaver

Amanda is one of the original officers on the board. She has a passion  for children especially those in the foster care system.  Even before taking a position on the board, Amanda has been very involved with BBHIH and all is functions.

Carolyn Poore – Founding Member in Memoriam

Carolyn Poore played an intricate part in the BBHIH organization, from finances to being involved with the daily running of BBHIH. She also was very involved with all aspects of BBHIH, using her quilting talents to teach at risk individuals to sew. She lead our Warm Hearts project. A project putting together blankets to pass out in winter to our friends in need.