March All-Star Youth – Timothy Rowden

In addition to our volunteer spotlight, we will also be including an “ALL-STAR SHOWCASE” that is dedicated to our children and youth volunteers. Our ALL-STAR for the month of March is Timothy Rowden. Timothy is 6 years old and a kindergartner in Republic. He has helped BBHIH with many events and projects including decorating Robberson Elementary during the CHRISTmas holidays, as well as helping with organizing bags that are distributed to at risk and homeless youths during the Rare Breed summer block party and the Rare Breed CHRISTmas dinner. These bags have included hygiene necessities, hand warmers, non-perishable food items and bottles of water. Timothy also volunteers in service learning projects throughout his school. He recently raised 100 dollars for the American Heart Association by completing different task that were requested by donors. These included jumping jacks, push-ups and running. Timothy believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect no matter what your background, race or income status.  Thank you Timothy for all your help and  opening your heart to all those who you come in contact with.

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