April Newsletter

We are already 4 months into the year and BBHIH has been busier than ever. In March, we had our monthly Rare Breed youth downtown dinner event. Many young adults and their families left that evening with full tummies and warm hearts. Thank you to everyone who helped by donating and volunteering. It was a great night. BBHIH also held two Easter based events. We were able to send Rory to Harmony House and Cox South Childrens/Pediatrics Unit. Rory was able to bring plenty of smiles and joy to several children. BBHIH was able to distribute candy filled eggs and crafts while Rory hopped around meeting with the kiddos.  Thank to all our volunteers and a BIG thank you to RORY for making time for us at BBHIH! We also were able to deliver 4 “welcome baskets” to 4 women at Laura’s Home. Thank you to those who helped put the baskets together.

As you all know, Building Bridges Hand In Hand runs solely on the generosity of our wonderful volunteers and donators. In addition to the Rare Breed Dinners, we also supply Laura’s Home with anywhere from 2-4 “Welcome Baskets” each month. These baskets contain hygiene products, alarm clock, a few snacks, fitted sheet set, and more. If you are able and would like to help, you can go to the BBHIH.org and see a full list of items needed. We also are planning on distributing hygiene bags at Rare Breed Summer Block party. For those, we are in need of travel/hotel size body wash or bars of soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste and hair brush. If you as an individual would like to donate please contact Cherie at [email protected]. We can arrange drop off or pick up service. If you or someone you know has a business that would be interesting in donating or sponsoring either of these events, you can also send an email to [email protected] or you can call Cherie at 417-414-3029. Remember, donating to a non-profit organization IS tax deductible!!! If you are interested in a complete list of needs, we would be happy to get one to you. Thank you all for all of your support.

Now through May 10, 2018 we are holding a “Warm Hearts” drive. On May 20th, Building Bridges will be participating in the 2018 Venuespalooza. We will be distributing blankets as part of our Warm Hearts Project. Warm Hearts serves over 200 young adults and their babies throughout the winter months each year. For the Venuespalooza we are wanting to push out 20 blankets in one day. If you are interested in this event please go to bbhih.org for volunteer sign up and a complete list of items still needed.

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