November News

November and December are probably the two busiest months out of the year for BBHIH and without all the volunteers, none of this would be possible. Any of these events that you would like to volunteer or donate for, all you have to do is go to and under the events tab, click on the event you would like to help at and fill out the form:

• November 24 Bob’s Annual Chili Challenge @ Gunny’s Mill 02:00-04:00pm. Registration closes at 01:45pm and there is no entry fee as well as no chili tasting fee (donations are always welcomed). ALL MONEY RAISED WILL BE DONATED TO BBHIH!!!
• November 12th, Deck the halls at Robberson Elementary. We are in need of 20 volunteers. You can come and go between the hours of 4-7pm. Robberson Elementary is located at 1100 E. Kearney St.
• November 25th, 8th annual Great Circle CHRISTmas part. 10-2. We will be hosting 125 children that are currently in state care and will not be with their family over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are in need of at least 30 volunteers (age 18 and over) and in need of desserts of any kind.
• December 5th, BBHIH first annual B.A.S.E. program CHRISTmas party. 10:00-02:00. We will be hosting 100 R-12 B.A.S.E. students.
• Warm Hearts (coat,gloves, hats, blanket drive) Collection dates are 11/07 to 12/15. Our goal this year is 300 of each. They do not have to be new (all sizes needed)
• Rare Breed 3rd annual CHRISTmas party. 50 volunteers and tons of support to supply food, pictures, and warm clothing are needed. We will be hosting 300 young adults and their babies who are associated with Rare Breed (teen homeless advocate for Springfield,Mo) the date is TBD but on the site is under the date 12/15 so we can start the volunteer/donation sign up. The date will be edited as soon as we get confirmation from Rare Breed and a bulletin will be sent out as well.

THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING volunteers who helped make October another successful month! Our Rare Breed emergency dinner was a complete success. Unlike the planned and scheduled Rare Breed dinners that BBHIH holds, this one was not planned for. But thanks to the BBHIH family, the youths at Rare Breed were able to still have a warm meal when another group had to cancel. So thank you to everyone who helped make this last minute project a success. BBHIH also was able to deliver two new “welcome” baskets to two new Laura’s Home residents as well as two “new apartment” baskets to two young ladies who are taking the stride into adult hood. These ladies have worked extremely hard to overcome struggles and to start becoming very productive members of society. A new project that is already starting to show success is the “Project Dream weaver”.  Project dream weaver begins with simple interaction and outings with children and young adults,to open them up to new surroundings, giving them opportunities to become comfortable engaging in the world around them. For those who have not experienced what the world has to offer, these children and young adults will get to encounter many types of occupations and the behind the scenes workings of businesses and gain the confidence that they can become ANYTHING they set their minds too. The first hurdle of course is helping them gain the confidence of being in the community without experiencing fear as well as providing them role models for them to look up to. There will be more information on the BBHIH website after November 12 and in future newsletters/bulletins.

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