Springfield Prom Night 2018

Friday May 18, 2018 is the annual Springfield Missouri prom night. You are probably reading this wondering what does prom night have to  do with Building Bridges Hand In Hand? Well it has EVERYTHIING to do with BBHIH.  Our own Chairman of the Board, Levi Wilson and his wife Sara Wilson are nominated for the prom King and Queen. They have chosen BBHIH as their charity to run for. Votes are simply ran by donations. Your donation of any kind will help BBHIH 2018 starter project, Project Dreamweaver. Any size donation helps so many, but if you make a donation of at least $20.00, you can contact Levi Wilson at [email protected] and he can you turn your donation into a ticket to the actual event. You can donate by pasting this link in your search engine https://www.gofundme.com/building-bridges-prom-kingqueen?member=178022 or you can contact Levi at the above email address. You can also contact [email protected] and [email protected] for any further details.  Let’s rally together and get these two amazing people voted Springfield’s Prom King and Queen while also helping out an amazing project that will help impact so many lives.

Project Dreamweaver

Project Dreamweaver is Building Bridges Hand In Hand Sertoma 2018 Youth Grant Proposal project. Project Dreamweaver is a mentoring program that is designed to open up those who have been affected by child abuse, neglect, abandonment, as well as human trafficking, to show them all of the endless possibilities that is attainable for their future.

We want to expose them to as many different experiences, opportunities and careers in our community by engaging them in hands-on activities that will expand their minds and imaginations while helping them feel safe alongside their mentors. The mentors want to show them that they can be themselves while helping build up their confidence and self-esteem all while helping them gain the experiences needed to help them transition into successful adults.

The funds that are awarded will go towards Project Dreamweaver in the forms of arts and crafts materials, photo paper and ink, venue rentals, any food and drinks that could be served, or in the event that mentors are able to take participants out to eat in coordination with the planned event for the day, flyers or waivers printed out and so much more.

This grant money could be the one thing that helps make this project a success and help it be able to continue succeeding over the years. The target audience for this project is children and young adults in state care, are homeless, in a foster or group home and low income. Ages 17-21 would be required to attend a monthly meeting/outing. Ages 1-17 who are in a state facility or group home will be introduced to new objectives and projects as permitted by the facility. Those who are interested in becoming a participant in Project Dreamweaver will undergo an interview with a BBHIH mentor, a recommendation from the facility they are residing at, or a recommendation from someone in the community.

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