Springfield Prom Night Winners

In May, the Sertoma Club held the annual Springfield Prom Charity Event. As the previous newsletter explained, BBHIH board member Levi Wilson and his wife Sara were nominated for King and Queen. Thanks to all the generous votes (donations) and support, Levi and Sara were crowned Springfield’s own prom King and Queen. In total Building Bridges Hand In Hand along with Sertoma Club’s donation raised over $700.00. The money raised will go towards BBHIH”s Project Dreamweaver. This project aims at exposing kids and young adults to various organizations and careers that would be able to give them an opportunity to see that they could become anything that they want to be. We also want to teach them that they are able to make decisions for themselves as well as giving them the sense of feeling safe and comfortable going out in public setting by taking them to dinner, exposing them to the outside world in a safe environment.

These youths are scared and nervous to go out into any public setting due from past life experiences. We want to help them understand that there is a better life for them and that there are so many things they can accomplish in this world. We want to help give them hope, self confidence as well as gain social skills necessary to be a productive member of society. These kids and young adults have come from environments that include mental and physical abuse, neglect and abandonment. We want to break that cycle and let them know they are worthy.

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