Volunteers Needed

First lets start out with how over the course of the past 8 years, thanks to so many amazing volunteers, Building Bridges-Hand in Hand has been honored to work with THOUSANDS of children, young adults and their families. Yes you read that right. THOUSANDS of children and young adults have been given hope, acceptance and the sense of consistency in their lives that they knew would always be back to see them, and would never judge them. We have expanded to work with many organizations such as Harmony House, Great Circle, Laura’s Home, Safe To Sleep and Rare Breed as well as adding new programs such as “Project Dreamweaver”, with many more new projects being developed.

As excited we are for all these amazing things that are happening at Building Bridges-Hand In Hand, we are also wondering how we are going to be able to maintain the current projects/programs while continuing to develop/add new ones. That is where we need your help. BBHIH is in need of volunteers that would work on various projects throughout the year by planning and helping execute their assigned project. If BBHIH is not able to fill the positions needed, there is no way we will be able to keep up with the growth that BBHIH is experiencing and cuts will be forced on some of these organizations that we now help. It is going to take a complex team of individuals to make all projects a reality in 2019. If you are interested in being an intricate part of any of the following, please e-mail Anita Villalobos at [email protected] or call at 417-860-9316.

  • Rare Breed Block Party- This party if for up to 100 homeless young adults and their babies and is held in July
  • Rare Breed VIP DOWNTOWN DINNERS- Monthly dinners for 60 the first Wed of each month Feb-Oct.
  • 2019 Red Carpet CHRISTmas – this will be a red carpet event for 10 girls in group homes in the Springfield area, this takes place in Dec
  • 2019 Venuespalooza – Assembling simple tac quilts
  • 2019 Robberson Elementary “Deck the Halls” -takes place in November and is a Title 1 school that needs just a little extra help with CHRISTmas decorations.
  • 2019 Rare Breed CHRISTmas party – This takes place in Dec for up to 150 homeless young adults and their babies
  • 2019 BBHIH CHRISTmas float- ready for parades in Nov and Dec.
  • 5 Volunteers are needed for visits to Harmony House – we have 6 visits per calendar year.
  • Great Circle 2019 CHRISTmas party- a party for up to 125 residents at Great Circle(formerly Boys and Girls Town of Springfield.
  • 2019 Bob’s Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction – held in Nov. hosted by Gunny’s Mill
  • Project Dreamweaver- bringing new experiences to under privileged kids and young adults.

Feel free to share this e-mail with your friends and family and your social media platforms. Thank you again for supporting Building Bridges-Hand In Hand. 

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